How To Change Engine Oil For Nissan Vehicles

You can ensure your brand-new Nissan car runs smoothly by regularly changing its engine oil. Oil changes are one of the key ways to maintain your car’s efficiency, and power. It also helps to prolong the car engine’s life.

Nissan vehicles require a change of oil every 3,000 miles, and with a few steps, you can change engine oil for Nissan vehicles.

Tools Requirement:

The following tools and equipment should be available before you change the oil in your Nissan vehicle:

  • Four quarts of new oil
  • Two jacks or ramps
  • One new oil filter
  • Old rag
  • Oil drain pan
  • Socket wrench
  • Rubber gloves
  • Funnel

How To Change Engine Oil For Nissan Vehicles
How to Change Engine Oil for Nissan Vehicles

Park the Nissan car on level ground in your driveway. Ensure the ground or spot is level and there is enough space on all sides of the vehicle. Put the car in park, remove the keys, and apply the parking brake. Before moving to the next step, leave the vehicle to rest for five to 10 minutes for the oil to cool down.
Jack Up the Car

Using the floor jacks, lift your car’s front sides and gain access to the underside. Drive your car up the ramps or use the ramps to drive your car up the ramps. Remove the oil cap from your engine by opening the hood of your car. Lastly, look for the oil drain plug placed beneath the car and set the drain pan under the plug.
Drain the Oil

After you’ve positioned the oil pan, drain the oil. Now take the oil drain plug off by loosening it with a socket wrench. Taking off the oil drain plug will allow the old oil to drain out. Wipe the area around the opening with an old rag once the oil has finished draining. To reinstall the oil drain plug, use the socket wrench.
How To Change Engine Oil For Nissan Vehicles
Replace the Oil Filter

Under the engine, locate the oil filter and place the oil pan under it. Most oil filters can be unscrewed by hand. However, pliers or a wrench can be used if your filter is too tight to be loosened. Dip the finger of your gloved hand in the fresh oil. Lastly, reinstall the new filter and coat the washer.
Pour New Oil

Pour the new oil into the hole with the funnel. Make sure your oil pressure light turns off by replacing the cap and starting the engine. Make sure there is no oil leaking out under the car. Check your oil level with the dipstick. The car can be moved off the ramps or jacks if everything is okay.
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