How To Change Your Nissan Car Key Battery

You’ve learned all you need to learn about your brand-new Nissan car. Or have you? What should you do when your key fob suddenly stops working? Well, most of the time, a straightforward Nissan key fob battery replacement will solve your problems, so you shouldn’t bother about a key fob replacement just yet.

While Nissan of Stockton is delighted to assist you with battery replacements, we can also lead you through an uncomplicated DIY fix below! Read on to learn more!

Release the Key from the Fob

The first thing you need to do is to look for the little release catch on the back of the Nissan key fob as you flip it over in your hand. The mechanical key that is housed there will be released from its location in the fob when you pull that down. This key must be out of the way even though you won’t need it to replace the batteries.
How To Change Your Nissan Car Key Battery
Open the Fob into Two Parts

The key fob has two tiny slits on the top end. These are perfect for inserting a small flat-head screwdriver inside before rotating it counter-clockwise to open the shell securely and evenly. The fob should then be able to be separated into two sections.
Out with the Old (battery)

You’ll see a metal disc (the battery) that will be located in one-half of the key fob. To carefully remove the battery, use a tiny flat-head screwdriver. Under the battery, there ought to be a little opening ideal for such a maneuver.
In with the New (battery)

The inscription on your new battery should be facing down when you place it in the fob. It should be slid in from the side toward the visible spring in the casing. Make sure the battery clicks into position by pushing it toward the spring.
Fix the Fob Back

Now, it is time to put things back together. The two halves of the key fob casing must be reassembled! Simply click the two halves back together after aligning them. Make sure all the components are linked evenly. When all parts are aligned, you should hear a “click” that should be pretty loud or at least audible.
Place the Key Back

Finally, all you have to do to get your Nissan key fob batteries back to full functionality is to put the spare mechanical key back in its original position.
Additional Tips for Changing a Nissan Car Key Battery

When changing a Nissan key fob battery, the following aspects need to be taken into consideration:

  • Avoid using the grooves on the side of the casing as a point to lever your screwdriver when separating the casing into two sections. Older keys have these side grooves; disregard them and pay attention to the top slits instead.
  • Avoid using excessive force when opening the shell from the top to avoid damaging the edge or any of the interior components.
  • While you are replacing the battery, avoid placing your key fob close to anything magnetic. Your Nissan key fob’s internal components could be harmed by magnets.

How To Change Your Nissan Car Key Battery
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