How To Replace Nissan Headlights

Driving at night or in bad weather requires your car’s headlights to be functional. You put both other people’s safety and your own at risk if you don’t utilize your headlights safely. In addition, failing to utilize your headlights may result in a hefty fine and/or the requirement that you take a driving school course. It just isn’t worth it!

So, if the headlights on your brand-new Nissan car are damaged, you should have them replaced as soon as you can. If they go out, you may seek professional help or have them easily replaced on your own.

The detailed steps for replacing headlights are provided below.

Get the Tools Ready

Before you begin replacing your Nissan headlights, be sure you have these handy tools by your side:

  • Owner’s Guide
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Gloves
  • Protective eye gear
  • New bulbs for headlights

How To Replace Nissan Headlights
Determine How Many Bulbs You Need

To maintain even lighting on the road, it is always advised to repair both headlights at once. By observing the headlights, which have two transparent bulbs on either side, you may determine how many bulbs are required for high and low beams.

The high-beam bulb is typically found outside. When you know how many bulbs you’ll need, either do some independent research or go to the store and ask a salesperson which bulbs would work best for your car.
Locate the Bulb Holder

Check that your automobile is parked before opening the hood. Locate the bulb holder by checking the owner’s manual. There should be three wires coming from a plug with a trapezoid form.
Remove the Wiring harness

The plug is secured in place by a metal clip, screw cap, or plastic catch that needs to be removed by tugging, unscrewing, or gently pulling on a little lever. The plug will be in your hand once this is done.
Remove the Bulb

Once the wire is out of the way, you can rotate the bulb to make it looser before pulling the bulb out by holding the base.
Replace the Bulb

Hold the new bulb in position while changing the old one while wearing cotton gloves. Be careful since the grease on your hands can damage the new bulb.

Hook the wiring onto the new light and tighten the cover to complete the process. Turn on your car and check the headlights before you leave the house. Test the high beams as well!
Safety is Key

Although changing a headlight is not a particularly risky task, it never hurts to take precautions. Wearing gloves and eye protection whether handling the battery or working in the engine area is a smart idea. Disconnecting the battery is a good idea when working on electronics.
How To Replace Nissan Headlights
Get Professional Help at Nissan of Stockton

Do all of these steps seem too daunting for you? Our team at Nissan of Stockton is here to help! Call us at any time to set up an appointment if you require further assistance. Our experts will take care of everything so you can just unwind and relax in confidence.