How To Set Cruise Control For Nissan Cars

Greetings on your new Nissan! Learning how to use the car’s cruise control and the other new amenities that come with a new vehicle are two of the many new experiences that come along with purchasing a new vehicle. To your good fortune, operating the new cruise control shouldn’t be too difficult. Here’s how:
How To Set Cruise Control For Nissan Cars

It won’t take you long to get the hang of your Nissan’s cruise control. On the steering wheel of your Nissan, you should be able to find an icon that represents the Intelligent Cruise Control system. For the most part, the switch your stering wheel located on the left side of the device. Simply hold down the button until the icon’s indicator light turns green, and you will have successfully activated Nissan’s Intelligent Cruise Control. Once you have reached the speed that you find most comfortable for driving, the safety system allows you to choose from a number of different distances to control the amount of space that you maintain between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. This is another one of the system’s cool features. If the system in your Nissan detects that the car in front of you has stopped or slowed down, it will either bring your vehicle to a complete stop or lessen the pace at which it is travelling. If you’re still unsure how, here’s a step-by-step guide:

To activate it, turn the ON switch on the left oo steering wheel labelled ON/OFF. The next step is to determine the optimal cruising speed for your vehicle by accelerating up to the desired speed and then depressing the COAST/SET switch.
You can turn off the cruise control in three different ways: by depressing the brake pedal, by pressing the CANCEL button, or by turning the ON/OFF switch to the off position.
How To Set Cruise Control For Nissan Cars
Nissan’s Intelligent Cruise Control: What Is It?

The Nissan “Intelligent Cruise Control” system incorporates both standard cruise control as well as a specialized steering-assist capability that is not available on the vast majority of other vehicles. The primary purpose of Intelligent Cruise Control is to maintain a certain gap between your Nissan and the vehicle that is in front of you. The intelligent technology will also automatically apply the brakes and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that you do not approach any closer to the vehicle in front of you than the distance you had meant to keep. As soon as the driver selects the desired maximum speed for the Nissan, the car takes over and does the rest of the job to keep a predetermined distance between itself and the vehicle in front of it in order to prevent a collision.
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